Mena Badros

I’m here to Serve others. 

I’m passionate about serving others & making a positive impact in the lives of others. Some of the ways I do that is through: teaching, educating, coaching,  partnering and volunteering with other great people and organizations.

In Real Estate, I’m blessed with meeting & teaching great Real Estate professionals of all levels, a lot of which that said “Excellent Instructor” and “Best Instructor I’ve seen in my business” (some 20+, 30+, 40+ Years in the business and longer)

On this website you’ll find many resources and valuable information for you. 

There’s always room for improvement for any of us, and I enjoy connecting with people & helping them discover & take the next step…in their business & their life. 

I look forward to helping you on your journey. 

God Bless!

– Mena



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Win-Win Negotiating!

🎁🎁 2 very important things when it comes to negotiating, whether personal or business. 💎 Win-win negotiation is a negotiation style in which the interests of both parties are taken into consideration to end the discussion positively and gain maximum benefit. A win-win negotiation is for this reason, a discussion instead of a competition. Based on a conversation, parties exchange interests and see how help

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Top 5 things to consider when investing in Real Estate!

This Blog is all about: Your Goals & Objectives Real Estate investing options & strategies Doing the right calculations / knowing the number Funding Real Estate projects Finding property Know your Goals & Objectives Your Big Real Estate Goals Your CURRENT Real Estate Objective Your next investment project or major step Why is it important? Strategy Investment Option/ Opportunity/Project Evaluation Method People usually invest in

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Top 5 Real Estate Predictions for 2022

What’s really happening in 2022 ?! 1. Interest Rates: Mortgage Interest Rates to rise to around 3.6% by end of 2022 2. Prices Prices will rise by 5 – 7% (compared to 15% in 2021) 3. Supply of Inventory: Supply of inventory to slightly increase, but still a challenge of an inventory/housing shortage. 4. Demand of Buyers: Demand is predicted to be strong, but not

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7 reasons why you should Invest in Real Estate

7 Major Reasons Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Why do people invest in Real Estate? Why is Real Estate a great investment? What are the benefits that come with that? What can Real Estate do for your life, your family, & generations to come? Why do people invest in Real Estate? Why is Real Estate a great investment? What are the benefits that

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Stop Ignoring These 7 Inspiring Truths

People know who they have the potential to be. The challenge is seeing that process through. Self-development is an art. It takes time. It requires patience. It asks you to step outside your comfort zone. It is challenging — and that’s the point. However, the biggest challenge when it comes to self-development is the process itself. People really struggle with the path and all its twists and turns,

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How to be 1% Better Every Day

“Compounding is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.” — Albert Einstein The quest to become a better version of yourself often feels like a roller coaster ride. It’s hard. And it’s usually so uneven. You can end in failure. But life is a journey, not a marathon, so you always have another opportunity to restart and improve. Many people practically look out for secrets,

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