🎁🎁 2 very important things when it comes to negotiating, whether personal or business. 💎

Win-win negotiation is a negotiation style in which the interests of both parties are taken into consideration to end the discussion positively and gain maximum benefit. A win-win negotiation is for this reason, a discussion instead of a competition. Based on a conversation, parties exchange interests and see how help can be provided to build a long-lasting relationship. If one of the parties would think to end the negotiation in a win-lose outcome, the likelihood is high that the other party feels that unfair practices occur, and the relationship might get damaged.

How to achieve a win-win negotiation outcome?

Achieving a win-win negotiation outcome can never be guaranteed. The goal of negotiation is to attempt to end the negotiation in a better position, but sometimes, parties achieve a win-lose or lose-lose outcome. For parties to achieve a win-win outcome, both must commit to preparing the negotiation process by analyzing what each party can control, and how this can benefit the other party. In this way, the negotiation process could run smoothly, wherein both parties are involved. The most critical element of win-win negotiation is that the negotiation is not about winning or losing the negotiation, but both parties must discuss the possibilities that help to gain mutual benefits.