Top 5 things to consider when investing in Real Estate!

This Blog is all about:

  • Your Goals & Objectives
  • Real Estate investing options & strategies
  • Doing the right calculations / knowing the number
  • Funding Real Estate projects
  • Finding property

Know your Goals & Objectives

Your Big Real Estate Goals Your CURRENT Real Estate Objective Your next investment project or major step Why is it important? Strategy Investment Option/ Opportunity/Project Evaluation Method

People usually invest in Real Estate for the following objectives: Income objective (rental income) Capital Growth objective (Increasing $ Value) Tax Benefits

Income Objective - rental income Residential long-term rentals Residential short-term rentals Commercial space rental

Capital Growth - Increasing your $ value Having a property then selling it for a profit or leveraging it Flip for a profit Buy-Hold-Sell Leverage home equity for funding other projects

Major Objectives to Real Estate Investing Income objective (rental income) Capital Growth objective (Increasing $ Value) Tax benefits It could be a combination.

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